About Me



I have been a lifelong resident of Royal City living on our family farm with my husband, Rick. I have enjoyed the country life and raising our three children on the farm. While living in a rural community, I have had many opportunities to work closely with our youth as a 4-H Leader, Cub Scout Leader, LDS Young Women's President, Girls Camp Director, Dance Team Coach, Soccer Coach, Softball Coach, Jr. Miss Program Chairperson, Grant-Adams Counties Dairy Princess Coordinator, and school volunteer. I currently teach the 15-16 year old LDS Sunday school class. My greatest joy is being a Mom and Grandma "Nini" along side my best friend, Rick. I enjoy evening drives checking irrigation circles with Rick, Royal Knights football games, motorcycle riding, and family get-togethers. 


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Rick and I have been married for 32-years and have been blessed with three wonderful children. We enjoy spending time with our families and taking the grandkids on little adventures. When we are not on the farm, our days are filled with friendly competitive family games, riding motorcycles on the peewee track, mass slime making with the grandkids, and weekly family dinners. We claim he's the favorite Uncle since he's always up for an adventure. We are blessed with extended family members living in close proximity so we are ALWAYS celebrating a birthday.


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We have three children, Rikki, Luke, and Kally. Rikki is raising our three beautiful grandchildren in Ellensburg with her husband, Tyler. She is a HS History teacher turned stay-at-home Mom and is loving the adventures of motherhood. Luke farms in Royal City with his wife, Katrina. He enjoys working along side his Dad and Grandpa and values being part of a three-generation farming operation. Kally owns a hair salon in Royal City and is our family's personal stylist. Her summers are filled with Kally's Cotton Candy as a summer side gig.


Grand Children

Jett, 8, plays football, races dirt bikes, and loves driving tractors and operatoring the mini-excavator.
Stella, 6, loves gymnastics, making slime, and baking and decorating cupcakes and cookies. 
Zane, 1, is a snuggly little guy who loves anything with a steering wheel and keeping up with his older siblings. 


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My parents, Dean and Nancy Callahan, have demonstrated to us the importance of hard-work and to appreciate a job well done. They have put a huge emphasis on family togetherness and have passed that trait down to us and others that have spent time in their home. I value their love and commitment to each other and to our family. They are a great example of service as they quietly and without bravado go about serving others on a daily basis.

This spring, my Dad quickly restored the "Red Bus," and they both graciously volunteered to drive it during the parades to help me campaign.Thank you Mom and Dad for everything!!!


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When I was in grade school, my Dad purchased a 13-acre farm in Royal City along Highway 26 and from that moment, I became a farm girl. What was his dream coming to fruition was my biggest nightmare just starting to unfold as my brothers and I had the arduous task of moving handlines up and down the hill on what felt like 1000+ acres in 120 degree heat. Looking back it was the best thing that ever happened to us, but I dreaded EVERY SINGLE MINUTE  of it until I got my first motorcycle out of the deal. That was my transportation and freedom; I rode that motorcycle everywhere my parents would allow me to drive. I married into the full-fledge farm life in 1986 and moved from the metropolis of Royal City to country living with Rick and we started our "farm family." Rikki, Luke and Kally have been an integral part of our faming operation as they helped with irrigating, swathing, baling and controlling weeds. They detested pulling weeds and were confident that it was a form of child abuse. The kids also had a dairy replacement herd raising Holsteins and Jersey heifers. Our summer vacation getaway was staying at the Grant County Fair with their 4-H animals so they could have a week off from farming activities. Contrary to rumor, they are living proof that farm work and Round-Up will not kill you. My favorite crop on the farm is the cherry orchard surrounding our home. I enjoy riding around the farm in the evenings with Rick as he's checking his fields so we can visit with few interruptions. I'm still not a fan of baling alfalfa in the middle of the night and I work really hard to try to get out of it. Three consecutive nights of baling is my max- my family will confirm this fact. Orchard payroll is a challenge as something always seems to go amiss. Looking back, our fondest family memories are those moments that happened while we were all working together on the farm. Who knew we were making memories while pulling weeds and baling hay?


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When I'm not serving the County, helping on the farm, or spending my coveted Saturdays working in Kally's Cotton Candy trailer, I love playing family/friends in ping pong tournaments and regular tennis (when I'm feeling really ambitious). I also enjoy doing small home and yard projects, quilting, organizing (somewhat obsessively), (mass) baking rolls and cupcakes, making slime, "racing" motorcycles with the grandchildren, and church activities.