My Mission as Grant County Commissioner


Mission #1 - Serve the people of grant county

I have been your voice for Grant County for 11.5 years and will continue to be your public servant. I have enjoyed being your liaison for county government. I have met many residents and appreciate the good, honest, hard-working people that make this county a great place to live. I will continue to be accessible and seek the best solutions for our community. To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect; you have to care. (Mandy Hale)

Mission #2 - Serving Our vulnerable population

I'm passionate about tackling the tough subjects of behavioral health, domestic violence, substance abuse, and suicide prevention head on. We are merging behavioral health and substance use disorder to provide complete wrap-around care to residents. I am currently working with Grant Integrated Services on a residential stabilization facility that will be available to our residents this Fall, providing behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment. I want to continue to oversee that project and see more support for those affected in our communities. This will be the first residential treatment facility in Grant County. I hope to see our residents feeling supported and loved in our own community.

Mission #3- Dependable & Safe County Roads

We have some of the best and most dependable county roads in the state and I want to continue to help keep those roads safe for those traveling. County infrastructure is vital with an emphasis to maintain the 1,500 miles of paved roads and improve the 1,000 miles of gravel roads. During my tenure, various safety features such as chevrons, rumble strips, and flashing stop signs have been added to our road system to aid in the safety of distracted drivers. My main goal is to get every one home safely.

Mission #4 - Building & Planning Infrastructure

The building and planning departments were recently realigned, providing additional resources for future growth to alleviate delays in much needed building and land permits. We are seeing a surge in building and land use permits comparable to 2007. It remains a goal and a priority to issue the residential building permits within 2-3 weeks and get commercial permits issued as quickly as possible. I will continue to work hard for the county to make this a standard.

Mission #5 - Balancing the budget

Being fiscally responsible and streamlining government activities is of great importance as new regulations and many unfunded mandates are getting passed down to the county level. In January, we transferred our detained youth from our Ephrata Juvenile Faciliity to Martin Hall (An 8-county juvenile detention center in Medical Lake) netting huge savings to our county. This year, we also contracted out all of our janitorial services, with even more savings. Moving forward, I will continue to find ways to decrease our spending while maintaining government services.

Mission #6 - Working with other government offices

I have a good working relationship with our elected officials, department heads, other government agencies, and cities. It's important to maintain these relationships as good communication allows for better outcomes and services for our residents. I will continue working with other government offices to provide the best services for our residents of Grant County.