Letters to the Editor



To the Editor:

   My occupation as a tree fruit consultant for the past 23 years has afforded me the opportunity to work with Cindy Carter not only as a consultant, but as a concerned citizen.

   Grant County currently possesses roughly 55,000 acres of tree fruit. The present acreage in the county boasts almost 40 million trees making Grant County the highest apple-producing county in Washington as well as the United States. Apples generate $4.7 billion (yes, with a ‘B’) and potatoes create $686 million in sales to the state every year.

   Grant County captures the majority of those dollars, not to mention revenue propagated by numerous other crops. Needless to say, agriculture is vital to our local and state economy. The ability to restrain pests relative to tree fruit production is more difficult with the loss of pesticide chemistries as well as an increase in organic production. Some pest issues have become so debilitating that growers and consultants alike reached out to the county commissioners in an effort to find a solution. Cindy spearheaded the meeting(s) and helped define a need going forward for a full-time, salaried pest coordinator position within Grant County.

   It is action, not words, that speak volume of Cindy’s character and this instance reiterates our need, not only as industry, but as a community for an individual who understands our challenges.

   Agriculture supplies the framework that allows our local businesses, schools, churches, and civic centers to thrive and grow. Having someone in the commissioner chair who embodies those values and realizes their worth is irreplaceable. We live in this great part of Washington because of-not in spite of-our better judgment.

   Help the Agriculture community maintain what we all treasure most: our way of life. Please re-elect Cindy Carter

Holly Wellsandt
Moses Lake, WA



To the Editor:

   Grant County Commissioner Cindy Carter didn’t get an endorsement from the County Cool Kid Committee (Grant county GOP) for an unknown reason.

   Maybe she didn’t hold her pinky finger correctly at the soiree or some such.

   It’s probably because Cindy’s finger was broken from changing hand lines or fixing fence at the family farm in Royal City. Cindy and her parents have done five decades or more for the Republican Party and a huge amount for the community in general.

   This isn’t the first time Cindy ran against an anointed favorite son of the party hacks. The voters will again see what Cindy is about. She has plenty of her own money in the race, plenty of sound business sense, plenty of experience, and plenty of integrity.

   I am eager to cast my ballot for Cindy Carter County Commissioner. I urge all voters to vote for Cindy Carter.

John O. Morris
Ephrata, WA



To the Editor:

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Grant County Commissioners, but most especially Cindy Carter. I recently sent a letter regarding juvenile diversion, rehab and restorative programs and potential savings visa video hearings.

   Within a few business days, I received a phone call from Commissioner Carter, alleviating me of my concerns and ensuring me they are making it a priority to look into my proposal. She left me with the utmost assurance of her genuine care and concern for our children in this area, bur she actually just has a really big heart and genuine care for everybody in this area.

   Because she is up for re-election, I recently read her campaign biography. Cindy is like a super-woman; I just wonder if she gets to sleep. When she is not serving as a commissioner, she is working on the farm, raking care of family, very involved in her church, and helping implement programs for the best interest of the people of Grant County.

   I know she has worked very hard to help implement suicide prevention care in this area; and is pushing to implement a text hotline. That is how much she cares to make it easier for families, teachers, friends and peers of someone who is hurting to be able to get appropriate outreach care.   

   Thank you, Commissioner Carter for your elected services.

Elisia Dalluge
Moses Lake, WA


Oct. 12, 2018

Cindy Carter is a rarity these days, an elected official who knows where money

comes from. She learned to work as a child and retains a remarkable work ethic. I

visited the Carters when they were finishing their house. Cindy was not there

giving directions, she was there working.

When Cindy first ran for the office of county commissioner, the county

Republicans opposed her because she was a political outsider. She’s been the lone

voice in county government for those living south of I-90.

Things have changed since Cindy Carter was first elected as county commissioner.

The county roads have improved. Many miles of roads have been paved, and the

two major north-south roads (Dodson road and Adams road) are in much better

shape than most of the state highways that cross Grant County.

When expenditures are made, Cindy Carter realizes that each dollar spent by the

county had first to have been earned by a resident of Grant County and then paid as

taxes to the county. Each and every dollar. That shows as things like

improvements to the fairgrounds are made as they become affordable.

Nothing is too good for the residents of Grant County, if we can afford it. There is

no such thing as “County money.” It’s all “Taxpayer money,” whether sourced

from sales tax, state or federal matching funds, or the property taxes paid by

struggling first-time home owners, senior citizens and other property owners. Hard

decisions must be made when allocating these taxpayer monies for the benefit of

Grant County residents and “Knowing where money comes from” uniquely

qualifies Cindy Carter to continue making these hard decisions.

Cindy Carter does not need the job. Grant county needs Cindy Carter as county


Brad Nelson
Royal City, WA


We Support Cindy Carter for Re-Election as County Commissioner!


  • Cindy cares about Grant County and actively participates in making it better.

  • Cindy Listens and is passionate about finding positive solutions.

  • Cindy is fiscally responsible and holds departments accountable.

  • Cindy is dedicated to public service and has a great working relationship with us, Department Heads, and other agencies.

  • Cindy is accessible and willing to help at all times.

  • Cindy is well-respected and a trusted county leader.

Please join us in re-electing Cindy Carter for Grant County Commissioner-District 3.

Michele Jaderlund, Grant County Auditor
Melissa McKnight, Grant County Assessor
Kimberly A. Allen, Grant County Clerk
Craig Morrison, Grant County Coroner
Darryl Pheasant, Grant County Treasurer
Richard Stevens, Grant County Commissioner- District 1
Tom Taylor, Grant County Commissioner- District 2


As a parent of an 18, 16, and a 12-year-old, I have found that we are in a battle for the well being of our

children. All 3 of our children have been victims of physical and verbal bullying. Shortly after losing a

close friend of his to suicide, our oldest son received a hand-written letter stuck in his car door

effectively saying that he should just die. He hid the note for months until we accidentally discovered it

in his car. Is it any wonder that we’re dealing with a crisis with our youth committing suicide?

Commissioner Cindy Carter set up a community suicide prevention forum held at Big Bend where she

personally enlisted the help of Katey McPherson and Collin Kartchner, who travelled from Arizona and

Utah to address the reality of our situation. Cindy addressed the audience thanking them for our

attendance, stating that in the beginning of her tenure as County Commissioner her job was basically

making sure building permits were issued faster through the Planning Department. Now, however, her

efforts have been forced to shift to the mental health of our youth as that has, in her opinion, become

the greatest crisis we are facing as a county. I agree with Commissioner Carter and am grateful for her

efforts with our youth. They are the true future of our county, and she recognizes that making sure our

youth are vibrant, healthy, and confident ensures a strong county for years to come. I trust

Commissioner Carter with the future of my children. Please vote for Cindy Carter for County

Commissioner. We need her leadership and vision now more than ever.

Paul Davies